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About us

BPO WorldWide founded in 2004 with the idea that modern businesses need a trusted telecommunications expert.
Over the years, BPO WorldWide gain a strong reputation as a reliable telecom-
munication’s provider.

Since the year 2004 we have been delivering enterprises with proven solutions for data and voice applications for their customers and partners.

BPO WorldWide entered the IP communications market in 2004 as a wholesale service provider to other carriers, and quickly earned a reputation for providing high quality service at a very competitive price.

The BPO WorldWide services have been designed to facilitate the provision and evolution of customer services across the phone, e-mail, Internet databases and postal channels. In an ever-changing world it is becoming increasingly important for companies to outsource some of their activities to stay competitive and to be able to focus on their core business. With current communication technologies companies have the opportunity to relocate definite parts of their business abroad, as the place of service delivery has less importance in the global market.

Bringing out the non-key activities and delegating certain responsibilities to the third party abroad would definitely insure your company to reduce expenses and therefore significantly increase the efficiency of company operations as well as give you an opportunity to pay more attention TO other aspects of the existing business, launching new projects, etc.

BPO WorldWide strongly believes that high level of professionalism provided by our employees, mastering two, three and even more foreign languages (English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish), lower expenses on salaries, equipment and premises will guarantee mutual benefits for us and our probable partner.

The idea of outsourcing services to be provided by BPO WorldWide is all about enhancing and developing the quality level of communication between our clients and their customers which certainly creates an essential basis for a successful business.


  • 1. Improve productivity and reduce operating expenses
  • 2. Assist in generating additional benefits
  • 3. Provide an outstanding customer experience
  • 4. Increase use of self-service systems



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